Eight Republicans Screwed You On Cap And Tax

by Big Dog on Jun 26, 2009 at 22:52 Political

The House voted on the cap and trade bill today bringing it closer to reality. It will have a tougher time in the Senate but it will probably eventually pass. This was a big Democratic bill and the agenda for this is strictly on the Democrats even though a number of them voted no today. They are people who are worried about the next election. It was a given that Democrats would largely support this bill but it would not have passed if eight Republicans had not defected. The bill passed 219-212 and would have failed 220-211 has the eight Republicans not voted for it. This bill will raise the cost of energy. People will not be able to afford their energy and all increases on companies will be passed on to the consumer. If it passes you have eight Republicans to thank.

Obama himself clearly said that his cap and trade program would necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket. Everyone will pay for that. This is not a tax on the “rich” or some offset that the middle class and poor will not have to pay. This will be a massive increase in energy prices so folks better start paying attention and forcing their elected officials to listen. The Senate needs to halt this or it will be a catastrophe.

You know it has to be bad because they are ramming it through before anyone can read it. Does anyone see a pattern here? The stimulus was rammed through and no one read it. Now there are things popping up that no one was aware of. This is not even counting the fact that the stimulus is not working.

The Democrats have a bill that is over 1000 pages. No one had time to read it. At the last minute a 300 page amendment was added and no one could read that. This is irresponsible government and those Republicans who voted for this need to be removed from office. I expect irresponsibility from the Democrats and their messiah but I expect better from Republicans and if they do not do what is right I expect them to be removed from office. Here are the people YOU need to vote out of office in the next election:

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