excellent post up at Stop the ACLU in which he discusses Obama’s statements that it is OK for Iran to have nuclear energy in order to power its country. This is the same Bozo who opposes nuclear power to provide energy in this country. B. Hussein Obama would rather waste money pursuing unproven green technology than use nuclear energy here. With the Iranians, who will develop nuclear weapons in their “peaceful” program, it is OK.

In Prague last month, Obama said that he saw no reason why his administration wouldn’t “support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy with rigorous inspections.” And today in London, Obama reiterated that support by agreeing that Iran’s announced intentions for nuclear power were “legitimate aspirations.”

Not only that, but just last month Obama approved a nuclear power deal with the United Arab Emirates, as well. So, it’s nuclear power for everyone but the U.S.

This is an excellent point. Why is it OK for other countries to have nuclear power plants but not OK for us? Why is Obama keeping his own country from having nuclear energy?

Another interesting story at Stop the ACLU deals with Obama’s Muslim roots. The post points out that it was taboo to mention Islam and Obama together and the use of his middle name was forbidden with supporters calling those who did racists in the Pavlovian response to which we have become accustomed.

Now it would appear that Obama is comfortable with his Muslim roots and embraces them. I guess he was not too comfortable with them when he thought they could lose him an election but now that he is in, it is all good.

That just means he was not honest with people (though many of us had the sense to see that).

So King Hussein of the US is now comfy with his Muslim roots. Maybe that is why he is comfortable with Muslim countries having nuclear reactors. They would not hurt a Muslim brother, would they?

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