AmericanConservativePartyMany people would kill rather than be associated with the democrat party. The party of socialism and welfare handouts to illegal immigrants, murdering unborn children, tramplers of the constitution, tree hugging spotted owl fornicating, electric car driving, carbon dioxide emitting, Utopian hunting, drug using,  flag burning, big government, tax increases, deficit quadrupling, pretend do gooder racist homophobes soccer moms.

And just about as many would kill rather than be associated with the republican party. The party of conservatism and limited government and limited growth. Total christian moral foundation who some say are intolerant of outside views, convict killing, border protecting isolationist, environmentally damming, carbon foot print increasing, gun toting, SUV driving, football loving redneck hillbillies.

These two groups are like oil and vinegar, fire and ice, Ike and Tina. A growing portion of Americans are becoming more disillusioned by both parties and their constant state of political wranglings with the public holding the bag for their benefit. No one trust politicians, any of them. People feel screwed, violated,and disenfranchised. And who could blame them really? When was the last time that government worked together?

A lot of people will say that a third party would attracted more voters from the republican party and wind up only strengthening the democrats who have all the unions in their pocket. I disagree. The right movement, the right third party would bring more people together and put the other two on notice, stop screwing the American people or suffer in the elections. There are more centrist people in America than there are people standing on the sides. Unite them, make their voices heard again for a change, creating overnight a better tomorrow for our younger generations.

Now, if only we had a cool name (sorry I checked, but the American party is already taken- dammit!)


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