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The issue of homosexual marriage seems to have exploded on the national scene in 2004, but this is an organized effort that has been ongoing for over 30 years. It is now affecting every level of our society. Families agonize over this issue, while the church has been rocked with the ordination of homosexual clergy and same-sex marriage ceremonies.

The nation remains divided as states struggle to define their own laws on gay marriage while litigation is pressed in the courts often ruled by activist judges with their own judicial agendas.

A proposed marriage amendment to protect the traditional family unit has highlighted the confusion and shifting positions of politicians from every political party on this flashpoint issue. You and your family cannot afford to remain in the dark on this issue — it is simply too important to your future.

This compelling and compassionate new book, “The Gay Agenda” by Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd, answers pivotal questions on this issue such as:

Dr. Floyd provides an in-depth overview of this issue as he discusses its impact and cultural consequences frankly and with compassion in this groundbreaking book.

A pastor for over 27 years, Dr. Floyd highlights the importance of the traditional family, and challenges everyone to approach the issue first with love and respect — loving the individual while disagreeing with their choice of lifestyle.

Struggling with these issues of fairness and morality? Unsure of where you stand on this issue and why? Learn why state laws governing marriage may mean little in federal courts, and how this issue already impacts our schools, workplace, and neighborhoods. It is an issue that will not be going away, and it will affect your family in numerous ways.

While Dr. Floyd encourages the church to stand strong, but with love, in upholding the clear, unambiguous message of the faith regarding homosexuality and the sanctity of marriage, he challenges everyone to consider the profound changes the decisions on this issue will have on the future of families within our nation.


  • The “gay agenda” — what are the effects within our society?
  • What does this issue mean for the traditional family?
  • How will the church be affected as the divisions within denominations and congregations grow?
  • What impact will this have on the character of our nation?
  • Where do individual rights and freedoms begin and end with this issue?
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