To: Congress of the United States, President of the United States

Whereas, the Declaration of Independence remains just that – a declaration of our founders’ intent to be an independent nation, unencumbered by permanent alliances and foreign entanglements;

Whereas, our founders risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to fight a war for that independence so that their posterity could live in a sovereign republic governed by the rule of law and the will of the people;

Whereas, the United States of America has been governed for 220 years by a Constitution that has helped to maintain the nation’s sovereignty and independence;

Whereas, the undersigned insist we will submit to be governed only by those whom we elect;

Whereas, for Americans, supra-national government means far less accountability to the Constitution and to the will of the people;

Whereas, President Barack Obama has called for the establishment of “a stronger global regime” to solve world crises;

Whereas, officials of the United States government have explored regional governance ties under names such as “North American Union” and “Trans-Atlantic Union”;

Whereas, officials of the United States government have actively explored and discussed publicly the need for a new regional or global currency to replace the U.S. dollar;

Whereas, officials of the United States government have worked for the implementation of new binding international limits on the production of carbon dioxide;

Whereas, officials of the United States government have already forged permanent international economic and trade agreements and associations unaccountable to the people and contrary to the Constitution – pacts that have represented a material setback to America and its strategic manufacturing base;

Whereas, officials of the United States government are currently planning a new international treaty to place the oceans and seas under the global authority of the United Nations:


We, the undersigned, assert our rights as sovereign citizens of the United States of America in preserving our nation’s sovereignty and independence.

We reject all efforts at regional governments, new permanent treaties and alliances, global economic unions and new international or regional currencies.

We oppose yielding any new authority to global institutions such as the United Nations.

We reject all calls for a “New World Order,” “Global Regime” or global governance by any other name.

We recognize that the United States is the greatest nation in history, but that to remain great, it must stay fiercely independent and true to its divinely blessed Constitution. To do less would be to ignore and dishonor the heroic sacrifices of millions of Americans who fought and died to preserve this free and independent nation.


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