It is no secret to people who are not infected with Obamaitis that he is a radical who has studied Saul Alinsky and that he wants to make this country a Socialist haven. He has already worked toward that and his grand plans include socializing health care and confiscating wealth from the affluent and giving it to the less affluent. His toadies are also working on back door gun bans to run around the Second Amendment. Top it off with the re-imposition of slavery in this country and it is not hard to see we are heading in the wrong direction.

Recently, the government demonstrated its intentions by using the tax policies to negate legal contracts and to punish those who received money to which they were entitled. The punitive taxes are being implemented because Congress failed in its duties. They are punishing people in order to cover the mistakes they made and that Obama allowed. This is how government will handle laws it does not like. Unfortunately, this will probably stand because the courts do not like to get involved in tax legislation.

I know there are many who are happy about this but they ignore the rule of law in their delight. But, but, Congress is only taking care of the mess that these companies made. These companies got taxpayer money so we Congress can make sure they act right.


Thought to ponder: Barney Frank said the US owned part of AIG so it was OK to negate legal contracts. Why has he not advocated for negating the autoworker union contracts? We gave them money as well.


I know, people believe that Congress has every right to get involved in businesses that taxpayer money has gone to (even though some companies were forced to take the money) but now Obama wants to go after all executive pay regardless of whether the companies received a bailout or not. Drudge is reporting that a Sunday New York Times piece will report that:

Obama will call for increased oversight of ‘executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies’ as part of sweeping plan to ‘overhaul financial regulation’, NY TIMES reporting Sunday, newsroom sources tell DRUDGE…

What gives Obama the right to decide executive pay in any company? What gives him the right to decide how much money an individual is allowed to make?

Nothing in our system of government does but Obama does not like our system of government. He wants us to be a Socialist nation where government decides what people do and how much they make. He wants to take wealth and move it in a downward direction rather than encourage people to make money and move upward.

Maybe a few things can happen to derail this phony leader and his gang of Socialist conspirators. First of all, companies that did not get bailout money should tell the administration they WILL NOT cap pay or bonuses and that as long as they make money they will decide how to spend it. All companies (whether they got bailout money or not) should stop ALL political donations. If they employ lobbyists then they should fire them. Not one dime should come from anywhere in the financial district. That would reduce the amount of money going to politicians by millions. I also wonder how it would screw things up if all the folks at AIG who received bonuses donated enough of it to charity to offset the punitive taxes imposed by Congress. I would donate 100% of it to charity before I paid 90% in taxes on it.

Congress and the usurper in the White House are out of control. They are going balls to the walls in order to steamroll this country. They want Socialism and they are working very hard to get it. I read a quote that Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money. We are already spending the money of future generations. When will the madness stop?

I asked earlier why the Democrats are not going after union contracts the way they did the AIG contracts. They want more union people in this country and they are working hard to get all the workers unionized through card check and through fast track amnesty plans for illegals. They want nationalized socialism with workers who do the bidding of their charismatic leader.

They called George Bush the Nazi and compared him to Hitler but Obama is more closely aligned with those items. If we do not oppose him now it will not be long before brown shirted Obama Nazis will be marching in our streets.

What do you think a national civilian security force is for? Here is a hint: It is not to stop people from outside our borders. That only leaves those within…

Join the resistance.

Wake up America.

Big Dognaziflag