1. While it is certainly possible that the little messiah’s unwillingness to hold a formal press conference with Prime Minister Brown was purely a matter of ego, Obama’s distaste for sharing the limelight, I think the reasons go much deeper.

Almost the first thing Obama does after taking the oath and entering the Oval Office for the first time as President (the first was ordering the thermostat cranked up to 84 degrees) was order the bust of Winston Churchill which was given to President Bush by the British government after 9/11 to be boxed up and returned to the Brits. Add to that his incredibly shabby treatment of Mr. Brown during his recent visit and you see a pattern of calculated insult aimed at the United Kingdom by this president.

The question then becomes why. Why would our new president choose to show such disrespect to our nation’s oldest and closest ally? The only reason which I can come up with is that Obama wants to punish The UK for being George W Bush’s staunchest ally in the war on terror.

The Obama campaign wanted the American people to believe that the only reason that America was hated around the world was because of the “bumbling cowboy” Bush and that the sophisticated and brilliant Obama would heal our damaged image. It would seem that Obama is only worried about improving America’s image in certain select quarters. How else to explain spitting in the face of the United Kingdom while giving 9 billion dollars of gun money to Hamas to enable them to murder even more Jews.

2. Mr. Steyn has hit the nail on the head when he says that the economy is taking a distant backseat to Obama’s socialist agenda. In fact I think that Obama is intentionally driving the economy down in order to intensify the crisis atmosphere. After all the people might insist on actually reading the legislation if they hadn’t been whipped into hysteria by things like rising unemployment and a plunging Dow.

3. The leaders of Europe are very aware of the fact that the comfortable socialist hyper-secular welfare states that they have built for themselves are only possible because the United States is there to back them up economically and militarily. All of the things which make us distasteful to European elites, our dynamic individualism, capitalism, militarism and even our religious faith all combine to make the US the kind of economic and military superpower that a decadent and defenseless Europe must rely upon to guarantee its continued existence.

This dependence creates resentment which the European “man in the street” does not need to hide but which Europe’s political leaders have to hold somewhat in check. This creates a “tightrope” situation in which Euro Leaders must pander to the anti American mob on one hand while remaining firmly attached to the US with the other.

This was seen in the 1980’s when President Reagan was deploying Pershing and cruise missiles and ERW’s (neutron bombs) to Europe. European political leaders knew that the USSR‘s strategy was to win by intimidation and that a viable means to strike back from European soil would make any Soviet invasion of Western Europe vastly less likely. However the European citizenry was up in arms over “cowboy” Reagan’s “escalation” of the Cold War. Elected leaders in Europe had to appear “gravely concerned” for domestic public consumption while having their ambassadors deliver notes to the White House urging Mr. Reagan to hurry up with the damn missiles because they were damn tired of living under the threat of 50 thousand Russian tanks parked on their borders.

Today what the European leadership wants is to be able to go before the cameras in their own countries and bloviate about how the global financial crisis proves the failure of capitalism while the US cuts taxes and spending and puts its own economy into overdrive – consequently lifting them out of what could eaisly become a global depression.

But that seems unlikely to happen this time. Obama is truly a man of the radical socialist left. He is not going to “waste this crisis” by passing up the oppurtunity to transform America into the kind of nation his Marxist college professors told him it should be. He is not going to pass up the chance to punish the “white power structure” as his angry bitter wife and angry bitter pastor want him to.

So the Europeans watch and worry. So should we.


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