All the Way!
Paratroopers are taught to never give up; their motto is “All the Way, Airborne!”

The way I see Liberals, when all’s said and done,
Is like those who’d fall out of their last jump school run.
We all started those runs with the will to succeed,
But for some the pain just surpassed their need,
To stand in that door in the blast of the props,
To go all the way, pulling out all the stops,
Accepting the challenge that stood you up here,
Your feet in the door, your heart pounding with fear.

Some folks are quitters, who fall by the way,
While others run past them, determined to stay,
Enduring the aches, sucking glory through pain,
For the jump wings they seek and the glory they gain.
“All the way,” is their hymn, the cadence they sing,
As they blow past the burn, reaching for the brass ring;
But the quitters fall out; they can’t handle the pain,
Ensuring only the best and the hardest remain.

War is like jump school, the going gets rough,
And playing at tough is just not enough.
It’s the spirit within you that says you won’t quit,
Proves that you’re worthy, proves that you’re fit,
To fight on in combat when comrades are falling,
To fight for your life, for your cause, for your calling,
With never a thought you might possibly yield,
And never one thought of retreat from the field.

Those who toughed out those runs, stood in that door,
Don’t understand those who won’t fight anymore;
Can’t fathom their calls for retreat from Iraq,
Calls to pull out our troops, to bring them all back,
Thank goodness we’ve men who’ll stand in that door
And go all the way till the fight is no more.
Paratroopers are winners, who’ll stay ‘til it’s done,
But most Libs are quitters, who won’t finish the run. 

Russ Vaughnparatrooper jump wings/glider wings