The middle class in this country is being fazed out by big government,big business, corporate America, Politics. They do not want a middle class in this country. Just rich and poor. Outsourcing, and Illegal aliens are getting all the work that the middle class used to get. It is time for the middle class to take the country back. Put new people in government. I think it is time for a” third party” an” INDEPENDENT PARTY” It is time to put people in Washington that will do what is right for us, not them. Time to get ride of big” corporate lobby’s” that own the politicians. Everything is going up in price in the country but the” working man’s pay”. Heating oil and fuel are going sky high. Interest rates are out of control. food prices are way up, and it is not going to stop until we are all in the poor class, and the rich get richer. The democrats will not be happy until all the working class is the”POOR” class. There is no insentive in the country to get a job, pay your mortage, pay your taxes. The obama people will take care of you.