It is true that The Fed is  aPrivate banking/money cartel
and there is very limited control that can be exercised by The US Government. Bernanke and the people who run the 12 Federal Reserve banks operate independently. They are a government unto themselves and they can hurt us. They can make or break people and they do.
That said The Fed system is only a part of the problem.
What most of the regulars here know is that our government is rife with dishonest self serving men and women. Not only those elected on the federal level that amounts to about 550 people. There are thousands of appointed men and women in the Federal Government they have patronage jobs given out by the president and powerful members of congress. On paper they may be qualified but often they are not the best person for the job. People holding those jobs become powerful bureaucratic demigods they are always beholding to the political party and the man or women who gave them a job. They control billions and now trillions in tax payer money.
Now there is a slush fund that will soar to over three trillion dollars and the people elected to protect us and the people they appoint who are tasked with the job to hold each other and any one receiving Our Money accountable are willingly neglient. They are all DERILECT in their duty. I believe that they think that we are all as dumb as that donkey, who didn’t get it in Orwell’s Animal Farm. Chuck Schumer openly mocked us!
If Obama and the Democrat left can get away with it this country will become much like that farm in Orwell’s boook.