I definatly think that Obama is pushing through his Socialist agenda as fast as he can. The American Communist party is certainly singing Obama’s praise. I just don’t understand why the Republican party didn’t see all of this coming. They were afraid to say anything offensive to Obama during the campaign because they would be accused of Racial hatred toward a Black Man. Well How about telling the truth regardless of Color. The race card was played by the democrats at ever turn and the Republicans just tucked their tails between their legs and coward. I blame all parties for what is going on. This is the start of a one world government. Obama promises Jobs but dosen’t explain where they will come from or how much the pay will be. This is just like the 30s when the cc camps and the wpa was set up. Many food items were rationed and men worked for 50 cents a day at hard labor. Franklin Roosevelt started the camps. This was what amounted to slave labor. This country is not going forward by the change that Obama promises. We are going backward. Families have worked for years to pay off there home mortgages but may end up losing in the end. You don’t take from the rich and give to the poor. The poor can’t pay anthing back. The Government should not take over Banks and Financing. Who is going to keep the Government honest? That is like a Fox guarding the hen house. This is how Communist countries are run and that is exactly what America has become. America should have opportunity for everyone. Bush is being blamed for all of this failure but anyone with a half a brain at at least one eye can see exactly what started all of this. The Democratic Congress and the Liberal idiots that were in charge of home finance got us into this. I knew as soon as Nancy Pelosi was elected that this Country was going down and I was right. Now it can only get worse with a stimulas plan that doesn’t stimulate anything. Obama keeps talking without really saying anything. All the while detention camps are going up all over America. Guess who they are for. All the desperate people who are losing their jobs would be my guess. Our new Furer can’t have any desenion. God help us out of this mess.

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