The more that we find out about President Obama’s stimulus package the worse it gets. There is nothing stimulating about this package. The latest atrocity in this bill is the fact that  illegal aliens will be able to receive a tax rebate. (Not that it is really a rebate because they didn’t pay any taxes in the first place to get a rebate on.)

The legislation, which would send tax credits of $500 per worker and $1,000 per couple, expressly disqualifies nonresident aliens, but it would allow people who don’t have Social Security numbers to be eligible for the checks.

 This is not just a loophole that illegal aliens will be able to use to get the funds they have no business getting, this is a deliberate payout to criminals who don’t belong here.

Undocumented immigrants who are not eligible for a Social Security number can file tax returns with an alternative number. A House-passed version of the economic recovery bill and one making its way through the Senate would allow anyone with such a number, called an individual taxpayer identification number, to qualify for the tax credits

  And why is it that these people are ineligible for  social security numbers?  Because these people are in the country illegally.

  Isn’t it nice of us hard working taxpaying Americans to hand over that hard earned money to our government so that they can give it to people who broke the law to enter this country?

 House Republicans and eleven house Democrats saw this bill for what it really is, the biggest entitlement bill ever written, and they voted against it. Hopefully the Senate Republicans will rise up and stop this bill. This is a long shot however, as the Democrats only need two Republican votes and I guarantee you that they already have one Republican vote in John McCain.

 This bill is unbelieveably bad and every day we find out then it is even worse than we thought. This bill needs to be defeated.

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