In the 1930’s alcohol was legalized to help bring the country out of the Depression. Alcohol kills people everyday. Whether it is driving drunk, alcohol poisoning, etc. Alcoholic beverages are FAR MORE DANGEROUS than a plant that comes from GOD. If President Elect Barak Obama legalizes Marijuana, it would get the economy out of debt. He should think about releasing all non-violent Marijuana offenders from prison with the agreement to pay a $50 fine every month until sentence is “served”, which will not only free up space for TRUE criminals in our prisons, but save our Government money AND MAKE money…ALL AT THE SAME TIME! WOW! WHAT A PLAN! Also, Medical Science has PROVEN that Marijuana has NEVER caused a death! Did you know that Marijuana can be made into a fuel? That it is bio-degradeable? Gets rid of head-aches? Stomach aches? Strongest fiber in the world? Is a pain reliever? President Abraham Lincoln grew AND smoked it? That Jesus was anointed with Cannabis oil by John the Baptist? For those of you who frown upon Marijuana, you do because you are brainwashed. Know the facts about Marijuana, the pros and cons, then way out the facts on alcoholic beverages. Alcohol kills…Marijuana does NOT! Man made beer, God made Marijuana. Who do YOU TRUST? I TRUST GOD!!!



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