No wonder respect for authority has decreased in this country.children adopt attitudes from adults, their parents, politicans,news media,sports figures,movie stars, t.v. radio the legal system, and so on. WHAT are we teaching them. one of the worst things is if you can get away with it do it even if it is against the law. this is not a message of being responsible for what you do. If you live long enough and follow two paths POLITICES or CAREERS IN CRIME you can get away with almost anything. Children are infested with corrupt ideals. Colleges like harvard  and georgetown are teaching the Islamic doctrine to the kids . Talk about confusion in a childs mind!! These kids know what is going on in the world. No respect for anything. life,country,the people fighting for us. The President being beat up every day, everything going on bad in the world is being thrown in his face., even the bridge that collapsed in Minnasota is his fault.!!

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