And so it is official. President Barack Obama.

Amazing how we came here, isn’t it? A year and a half ago, we all believed this election would be Hilary Clinton vs. Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee. But alas, on that cold February night in Iowa, Barack Obama stormed on to the scene like a teen-pop sensation who just struck it big in a Disney Channel original movie. Hope. Change. Magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes, billboards, television commercials, Keith Olbermann’s bedside. It was, and still is, impossible to escape the man’s face. It is everywhere. For months, I refused to embrace him. I refused to ignore his connections with anti-American, anti-Semitic connections. I refused to ignore his policies of socialism and “trickle-up economics.” I refused to ignore his blatant disrespect for the troops in Iraq, referring to their efforts as a “mistake.” Let it be known, that on election day, my views have been changed. Barack Obama’s overwhelming number of shortcomings no longer play a part in my decision.

Aaron Weber has officially accepted Barack Obama as his own personal Lord and Savior