Should The US government bail out American corporations?

Does corporate America share its profits with the tax payers? The answer is absolutely not.
Do they share the profits with the with their employees? The executives are paid millions.
The US Government should bail out all corporations large and small is that right? The answer is no. If it is a viable business, they can raise the money from investors, if not, let them close shop.
If the government decides to bail them out if should be at a cost (like shares in the company) where the government will make money and have a say in running the company. Even better have a public referendum where the voters decide.
Carmakers want money from the government; the financial institutions want money – where does it stop.
It is about time corporate America should learn they have to stand on their own feet. Where is corporate America financial responsibility?
They claim the government is abusing its financial responsibility; it seems Corporate America is no better. They also go to their workers to take a pay cut, is that fair? It seems the little guys are the ones that always pay the price for corporate financial abuse and miss-management.
Other corporations in the world are not asking to be bailed out – they go out of business.
Jay Draiman
The corporate barracudas have no conscience they will step on anyone, stab anyone in the back and fudge the numbers to climb up the corporate ladder and receive the hefty bonuses.
As family values have declined in the last half a century so has corporate integrity and honesty, it seems that corporate America will do almost anything for the buck ($) no holes barred.
What a shame that corporate America has sunk so low.
The government is no different, honesty and integrity is a foreign language, they only serve the special interest groups. (We all know why).
What happened to the American people who placed their trust in the government? (The public officials they voted for).
We are faced constantly with another corporate or governmental scandal of wrongdoing. When is the American public going to wake up and demand an honest government and honest corporate America? Americans wake up before it is too late. I AM A SENIOR CITIZEN ON A FIXED INCOME. I CAN NOT GO TO SEE MY GRANDCHILDREN IN COLORADO, I USUALLY GO ONCE A YEAR. I WISH THE GOVERNMENT WOULD BAIL ME OUT!!!