Disrespecting The American Military

Last night our lead story on ‘The Factor’ was the Medal of Honor awarded to Navy S.E.A.L. Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan trying to save his unit. Lieutenant Murphy’s bravery is chronicled in a best selling book, “Lone Survivor,” and it is truly an incredible saga.

Why then did CNN and MSNBC fail to report the Medal of Honor story in primetime last night? Easy question, disturbing answer. Katie Couric on CBS News gave Lieutenant Murphy more than three minutes, Charles Gibson on ABC News more than two minutes, Brian Williams didn’t report the ceremony although he did cover the story last week.

But apparently Lieutenant Murphy was not ready for primetime on our cable competition even though they had hours to get mention of it on the air. The hard truth is that MSNBC and CNN are not going to report stories that reflect well on the American military because those people over there despise the Bush administration and believe anything positive like American heroes in war zones, detract from their negative assessment of the administration.

Lieutenant Murphy is the only person to receive the Medal of Honor for action in Afghanistan, a war zone that is directly dealing with Al Qaeda and they’re Taliban enablers.

Don’t insult the American people by saying you are behind the troops when you ignore their heroism. CNN and NBC News can’t get enough of negative war zone stories. They run them all day long. And really, how many heroes are there these days? And you ignore, ignore a Medal of Honor winner? Awful.

Surely it is newsworthy when someone has been awarded our nations highest military honor? Bill has a point. Why else the snub?