The RIGHT choice to WRITE IN

I am a serious advocate of a *Write In* campaign being launched. I make no apologies to anyone for my feelings concerning John McCain and Barack Obama. I feel that either of those men will be totally disastrous as president of this nation. It’s time that the American people took control of their nation, their government, their lives and their destiny, and accepting the party line, when all that line offers us is a Dem/Libber and a pathetic RINO is totally unacceptable. It’s time to reshape this nation and her path, it’s voter apathy that has allowed our nation to fall to where it is, that and the willingness to accept the lesser of the evils. I too am guilty of it, I voted for Bush twice. But NEVER again will I compromise MY integrity by accepting the LESSER of anything.

If you’re too afraid to challenge the status quo, if you’re afraid to make waves and rock the boat, then you are NOT the Conservative and Patriot that you think you are, and for that, I truly am sorry. None of us knows how long we have left on this earth, but in the time I have remaining I DO intend to change the course of this nation in ANY way I can, and that starts with being true to myself and MY beliefs, the founding fathers would have it NO OTHER WAY!

If I vote as a *write in*, Obama may very well become the POTUS, but it won’t be because I sat back and did nothing as I accepted the lesser of the evils and went along with the status quo. If enough people in this nation, Conservatives of ALL feather, vote for the correct *write in* candidate, we may STILL lose, but the message WILL be there, and when the next election rolls around, we WILL be even stronger and we WILL gain even MORE attention.

That is how a political party is born. And it damn sure won’t happen by accepting IT WON’T WORK as a motto.

I don’t know what YOUR feelings are, but as for me, I feel that Duncan Hunter of California and Tom Tancredo present the Conservative values and beliefs that this nation needs to set her on the path to greatness once again! If there are enough folks other than myself that feel the same way, them maybe we CAN make some inroads on the RNC and the DNC.

If you have a better set of candidates, ones that you believe can and will represent this nation better, place their names in comments. Nothing is written in stone, but the fact remains, we must take this nation back, we must let the Dems, and Dem Lite, the RNC, we must let them know that we, the people are fed up with their way of doing business. No more STATUS QUO!

Forget the PARTY LINE, vote with your heart