Entrance Requirements:

a. Volunteer for jump status in writing.

b. Be less than 36 years of age on the date of application. (Volunteers in the pay grade E5

and above may be considered for an age waiver when the examining medical officer

recommends that such a waiver be granted.) Air Force member’s waiver is the signed

physical plus EKG and need not be forwarded prior to attending the course.

c. Physically qualify for parachute duty. Applicant must pass a Class III flight physical. The





be within 12 months of the class start date. The Standard Form 88 in the

individual’s medical records




state “Medically qualified for Airborne training” in block

5 and 77. This statement




also be included on the individual’s orders. Air Force





hand-carry their medical records when reporting for the course.

Personnel without this requirement will not be allowed into the course. EKG will

accompany medical records of individuals 36 or older.

d. Pass the APRT. The PT test will be documented on a DA Form 705. It is recommended

that the PT test be administered and documented by the volunteer’s supervisor once a

month for at least three months prior to the class start date. Personnel




pass the PT

test and have it documented within 15 days of the class start date (IAW AFCAT 36-2223).

The last PT test prior to class start date will be administered and documented by the

individual’s unit commander (or E-7 or above). Entry requirements consist of:

Male Female

(1) Pushups (within 2 min) 42 18

(2) Situps (within 2 min) 52 50

(3) 2 mile run 15 min 54 sec 18 min 54 sec




The requirements listed above do not reflect the difficulty of this course and should

be treated as




standards. Individuals should be involved in a regimented

physical fitness training program starting 6 months prior to this course. It is




that males be able to complete 50 pushups, 65 situps, and females be

able to complete 25 pushups, 63 situps prior to attending this course. Pull-ups are not

part of the entrance test, but are done as part of each morning’s PT. It is highly

recommended that all individuals be able to complete 7 uninterrupted pull-ups (palms

facing towards you) prior to attending this course. All running is done in running shoes,

BDUs, and in formation maintaining an 8 ½ to 9 minute per mile pace.

e. Upon arrival, successfully complete a 4-mile run in formation within 36 minutes (9 minutes