'I am not giving the gavel away to anyone.'

‘I am not giving the gavel away to anyone.’
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Contributed by: Richard Yale on 8/2/2008

Nancy Pelosi’s Power
Complain your way to the top.

Although 73 percent of Americans favor offshore drilling, Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t allow the House of Representatives to vote on the Republican bill to lift the drilling ban. In a recent CNN interview, Pelosi said she has “no plans” to schedule a vote on it because she opposes drilling in “protected areas.” She is contradicting the pledge she made in 2007 at her swearing-in as speaker: “I accept this gavel in the spirit of partnership, not partisanship, and I look forward to working with you, [Minority Leader John] Boehner, and the Republicans in Congress for the good of the American people.” What’s her excuse for her recent stand? The Politico reported last week that she said, “When you win an election, you win the majority, and what is the power of the speaker? To set the agenda, the power of recognition, and I am not giving the gavel away to anyone.”

The more diverse your supply of energy is the more secure your energy supply is. We don’t want to be dependent upon foreign sources of oil and we don’t want to be dependent upon ONE source of power either. We need a mix of options the 110 th Congress is denying the American People. We need a broad mix of options ranging from clean coal and natural gas to nuclear power and solar energy. Without a broad mix of energy choices we are at the mercy of countries that wish to do us harm.

But despite the increasingly overwhelming reasons to PELOSI AND REID TAKE 5 WEEK VACATION- NO ENERGY VOTE « voice of the …

mountainshout said…

Eh, this is so insane. Neither the democrats or republicans want to actually solve ANY problems. I’m just a young’n, but I’m already sick of election year garbage. Its not like they work together in the off-years, but this hyperpartisanship is retarded.

The do nothing 110 th Congress lead by Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew derision from both Democrat and Republican critics for standing in the way of telling the Web site Politico she was blocking a vote on offshore drilling because “I’m trying to save the planet.” So, at 12:30 EST WASHINGTON (AP) – Lawmakers sped for the exits Friday as Congress was to begin a five-week recess after a summer session noteworthy for bitter partisanship and paralysis on the issue topmost in the minds of many voters: the cost of gasoline.

In May, with Senator Salazar’s negative leadership the Democrats on the Senate Appropriations Committee narrowly defeated Sen. Wayne Allard’s attempt to end a moratorium related to oil shale development in Colorado.

Ken Salazar: No OCS drilling, even when it’s $10/gallon for gas.What are you willing to bet that Senator Salazar hasn’t paid for his own gas in years? – because he certainly seems perfectly happy to make you pay more…

Democrats Won’t Budge; Fuel Costs to Keep Rising

In the video above, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) asks that the Senate consider a bill to allow offshore drilling, but Democrats, led by Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO), object. Senator McConnell then asks if the bill could be triggered when gas reaches $4.50 per gallon, then $5 per gallon, then $7.50 per gallon, […]

Sen. Salazar, We The People ObjectEveryone who drives a car or cares about the US economy needs to see this appalling video: Sen. Ken Salazar told Colorado’s voters that he wouldn’t be a partisan if they elected him. That alone should’ve told them that he’s a bitter partisan. Despite those warning signs, they still elected. The next time he’s up for […]

Let those facts sink in: 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil that are 3 times the size of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves.

With demand of 20 million barrels a day, 800 billion barrels could supply America’s oil needs for over 100 years – without having to import a single drop.

And yet Democrats won’t let us tap that resource.



DAH!!! Every time you fill your tank up with $4 gas thank the Democrats.