The ban on people with HIV coming to this country could soon be lifted if SB 2731 is enacted. This is a very stupid idea for several reasons.

People with HIV have a disease for which there is no cure. If they come here the chance of others getting infected increases but only because they are now here and can have contact. However, the chances of infection is especially greater for health care workers who might be exposed as the person’s need for health care services increases (as the disease progresses).

“the burden of that cost will be borne by US taxpayers”If people come here with this disease they will be entering into our health care system. It is unlikely they will have health insurance or the means to pay for their care so the burden of that cost will be borne by US taxpayers.

The people with the disease will eventually become too sick to work (assuming they get a job in the first place) so they will eventually be receiving welfare checks. This will add more financial burdens to the US taxpayer.

Unless the people with HIV are engaging in risky behavior the risk to others is nearly absent except for health care workers so this is not a consideration. Diseases like Tb kept people out because they were highly contagious but with HIV there must be direct blood or body fluid contact.

However, the disease is costly to treat and the people coming here will not be paying for it. The US taxpayer will be footing the bill and that is not what our tax dollars should be paying for. People with HIV should stay in their own countries and get their treatment at the expense of their government or international organizations.

It is wrong to expect us to pay for their illness when they have contributed nothing to our society. It is bad enough we are paying for all the illegals who are here.


Big Dog