Obama-mania lost on paratroopers

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78705 Sgt. Paul Williams, a Baltimore, Md., native, takes aim at a suspiciously moving vehicle that was approaching his team during a foot patrol through a section of Baghdad’s Ur neighborhood Feb. 24. Williams serves as a team leader with Company D, 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad.  Photographer: Sgt. Michael Pryor, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division Public Affairs.Got this email from a paratrooper (not the one pictured above) via Blake H.:

I saw a speech being made a couple of nights ago and it was a bit “Scary”.

(By the way… I watched this on CNN being aired on AFN as I sat down to eat chow the other night at 0200 hours… In Iraq)

The speech was being made by Senator Obama… People, you better be paying attention, or you better be prepared to just pay.

During this speech he mentioned how he was going to get all the troops out of Iraq…

He also stated how there were no Al Qaida in Iraq

Some things on those two things (from my perspective – of course)

Note: My friends and I would like nothing more than to come home!

Hell, myself and most everyone else I know, we were OK when we had never even been here – or to Asscrackistan for that matter. But since the people who governed these places decided that they couldn’t act responsibly and live in a peaceful world and couldn’t manage to police up the trash in their own country – Or live up to countless UN (there is a completely worthless organization) resolutions that ended the 1st gulf war… Oh by the way AQ did attack us (lots of people must have missed that one on CNN – Hard to see real sh*t through a liberal spin moving like a hurricane. – Note: hurricane probably caused by George Bush / per CNN coverage of Katrina)  Well anyway here we are “Team America – World Police”…

Now if you think we are going to be able to just pick up at the stroke of a pen and get all the troops out of these wars… you are sadly mistaken.

– And if we were to do it –  Better go buy your guns now (Before the democrats get them too)

‘Cause we will be fighting these AQ guys in our own backyards.

There is a reason why – if you watched the news over the past few days that the overall majority of places in the mostly muslim populated countries think Obama being nominated is a good thing… figure it out.  Appeasement – The theory of “if we suck up to these guys and give them countless millions in funds, they will like us… Hate to tell you – it doesn’t work. The people in AQ are committed and patient and what they are committed and patient to doing is killing your infidel asses.

As for the no AQ in Iraq…

The well trained paratroopers are working hard on that!

Trust me – there are a lot less…

Just don’t believe we have gotten them all yet…

But, when we do, I’ll let you know.

Something to ponder…