every year hundreds of teachers fail the “ma. test for education licensure” MTEL”. last week  democratic senate voted unanimously for a waiver program covering wannabe teachers who fail the test 3 times thus forcing teaching to take the test 3 times and fail to get the waiver humiliating them. does this make any sense? why make them take the test at all. In 1998 the dept. of education fixed the problem by lowering the the passing grade to “D” after two weeks of media mockery the dept. of education raised the standards from “non existent” to “mediocre” one senator said that there are other ways to test, some people don’t test well. chief of committee on education said some people don’t swim well either but I am not going to grant them waiver to become a lifeguard:-)

this makes you wonder what kind of education our kids are geting, no wonder 1 of every 4 kids don’t graduate.