Boston Herald Columnist

Go ahead, Gov. Deval Patrick. Go ahead and try to give free tuition at state colleges to illegal aliens without legislative approval. Make our day.When Bill Clinton would feint right, the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say that he was offering up “boob bait for the bubbas.” Now Deval dangles boob bait for the moonbats.

He says it’s “a question of fairness.” You can see his point: Take an American kid who lives just over the border in New Hampshire, whose two parents work in Massachusetts and pay state income taxes here. This kid should be considered a “nonresident” and get soaked for $10,000 a year to go to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

On the other hand you have an illegal alien who just drifted into the state two days ago, with three or four aliases, no health insurance, driving an unregistered, uninspected, uninsured vehicle and waving a piece of paper saying he has “the equivalent thereof” of a Massachusetts high school diploma.

Because he’s illegal, if the alien works at all (a very big if indeed), he has to get paid under the table. This means he reports no income, and thus would be eligible for a full scholarship, paid for by law-abiding American citizens.

Yes we can . . . rip off the stupid taxpayers again.

But what does Deval care? He just rides around in his Cadillac, thinking about hope and opportunity, hoping for an opportunity.

The last time the “advocates” tried to push this illegal-alien welfare program through the House, it went down 96-57. So this time they want to do what they did with the farce that is known as “gay marriage.” They want to do an end-around around the people. This time, not only will the voters be disenfranchised, so will the Legislature.

To which I repeat: Go ahead, Deval, take your best shot.

This is a bad time for Deval to be proposing a new handout for illegal aliens. The solons are in their biennial window of vulnerability right now – until the filing deadline for candidates passes in the spring, someone could decide to run against them in November.

What better way to oust an incumbent rep than by linking him to the plague of illegal aliens – the unknown, underfinanced Republican Jim Ogonowski almost rode the issue to Congress last fall in the Merrimack Valley.

The good news, of course, is that Deval has a very short attention span. In all likelihood he won’t follow through on this, anymore than he has kept his 2006 campaign pledges to cut property taxes and put 1,000 more cops on the street. In the next week or so, Deval will be attending gatherings where he and the rest of his pharmaceutically impaired Beautiful People get together to hold hands and sway. Deval needed something that would make his constituency feel good. Hope and opportunity . . .

The problem for Deval is, he must have the cooperation of the Legislature to do the one thing that really does seem to matter to him: allowing casinos into Massachusetts. He needs votes from normal legislators, because most moonbats don’t like casinos. Of course there’s not enough money to pay for all the welfare programs they do adore, and without the added revenue from casinos, where do the moonbats think the money will come from?”new taxes”

credit-howie carr-boston herald