909-usmc.gifJanuary 06, 2008

Phil Brennan Named Man of the Year!


Newsmax columnist Phil Brennan has been named Man of the Year by the group Defend Our Marines for his efforts in connection with the Haditha Marines case.

Brennan — a former Marine — uncovered the real story behind the deaths of 24 Iraqis in the town of Haditha in 2005, and helped raise money for the defense of Marines charged in the case. In a statement, Defend Our Marines said: “Looking back over a year of incredible ups and downs, the outstanding individual who deserves the most applause for his defense of our Marines is Phil Brennan of Newsmax.

“Longtime Haditha watchers will remember how bleak things looked a year ago. After charges were announced, there were a series of leaks damning the Marines. “It was Phil Brennan who struck back with ‘Haditha Accusations Unmasked’ and other Newsmax articles beginning in late January that brought much needed perspective and accuracy to the situation.

“Additionally, it was through Phil Brennan’s efforts at Newsmax that more than $200,000 was raised for the enlisted Marine defense funds. “For those reasons, Phil Brennan is the Defend Our Marines Man of the Year!”

Four enlisted Marines were initially charged with murder in the case and four officers were charged with failing to investigate the deaths. Charges against several of the men have been dropped and none will face murder charges. Phil’s tireless defense of the Marines accused in the Haditha incident certainly makes him worthy of this award but his body of work of the past 60 years is the stuff of legend.

Phil Brennan is truly a great American patriot.  Our country is better because of him.Congratulations Phil, well done!