HOW to spot a phony Navy SEAL
(as outlined on the Naval Special Warfare Archives homepage)

  1. He’s wearing camouflage clothing decorated with multiple patches, ribbons, and tridents.
  2. When asked for his class number, says he didn’t have to go through training…went straight to SEALs from Marines, Air Force, etc.
  3. When asked what Team he was in, says Team 6 (everybody wants to be in Team 6).
  4. When asked for names, places, dates, etc., the wannabe says it’s top secret, still classified.
  5. Claims to have been a POW, or his entire platoon was wiped out and he was captured.
  6. Talks about his medals, maybe even the Medal of Honor (SEALs don’t talk about their medals).
  7. He can’t remember the name of his swim buddy, commanding officer, or platoon officer.