jumpglider1.jpg82ndairbornedivision.pnghollywoodramphalo.jpgIt was a proud day in my military career when I was awarded my Airborne wings. Airborne is just an interesting concept until the moment you stand in the door of a flying aircraft and step out into nothing. But doing so, and completing the course, qualifies you as a member of the club one German officer in WWII referred to as, “Those Devils in Baggy Pants”.

Two years after being awarded my wings I received my dream assignment and shared Assistant Branch Chief duties of Jump Branch at Fort Benning’s Airborne School with Jesse McCorvey, ‘74. Along with CPT Al Hennigan and a crack team of NCOs, it was our duty to make sure the Airborne students accomplished five jumps without incident on their way to becoming “Jump Qualified”.

Morning PT, Night Jumps, C140s, C130s, C121s, jumpmastering, practice with my .44 magnum using spent smoke grenades as targets on Fryar Drop Zone between jumps, the I-Bar after hours…ah, it was the perfect job for a young Infantry officer. The memories of those days remain vivid though the time was the bygone era of the disco ’70s.

above photo is a halo jump.” HIGH ALTITUDE LOW OPENING” THIS TYPE OF JUMP IS USED BY THE SPECIAL FORCES AND NAVY SEALS FOR COVERT INSERTIONS. Also known as a “night water jump'” because you have your eyes closed and you piss your pants!!!! 🙂