Petraeus for Person of the Year

Posted: 18 Dec 2007 06:14 PM CST

Petraeuspoty_5 Z

This has been floated about a few places on the right. Now we all know that it will certainly be the Goracle, so let’s have an award for someone who has actually made the world a better place. Since January of this year Gen. Petraeus has led the greatest tango whacking mission in history. This has made it possible for Iraqis to take back their lives and start working on a civil society. The incredible change in the security situation was made possible by his strategy of Counter-Insurgency, implemented by our peerless military, and finally the long-awaited Awakening that started in Anbar, thanks to many but Sheik Sattar Abu Risha and CPT Travis Patriquin can take a bow in Valhalla, Heaven, Paradise or wherever heroes go.


So I give you the Person of the Year for those of us who prefer action against evil to bloviation against common sense.