WHAT IS ITS MISSION? Freedom’s Watch was formed to promote the common good and general welfare of the American people by supporting mainstream conservative public policies.  We engage in grassroots lobbying, education and information campaigns, and issue advocacy to further our goals and objectives.  We also seek to create coalitions and collaborate with like-minded groups and individuals to further our common goals.  Freedom’s Watch provides a credible conservative voice and strong leadership on pressing domestic and international issues to keep America strong, safe, and prosperous. 

HOW DOES IT OPERATE? Freedoms Watch is run like a business and organized like a campaign. We are structured as a perpetual political operation that tackles generational issues important to America’s economic, social, and physical security.  We are not, and never will be, beholden to any one person, political party, or election cycle. We engage, shape, influence, and advance issues that can only be properly addressed over time, while being nimble enough to react immediately to current events.  We partner with and fund third parties that are recognized for the great work they do, empowering them to do even better.

FUNDING: At Freedom’s Watch, our core donors—comprised of individuals and corporate entities at various giving-levels—serve as the membership base of the organization.  Freedom’s Watch solicits funding from all industry sectors to ensure the long-term viability of the organization and to expand its invested stakeholders. Our supporters are like-minded Americans who believe in democratic give-and-take, issue advocacy, and education campaigns to advance a conservative agenda. Our donors make Freedom’s Watch uniquely positioned to balance our well-funded opposition and be a powerful voice for conservative values.

WHY SUPPORT FREEDOMS WATCH? Freedom’s Watch distinguishes itself as the first full-time nonpartisan movement dedicated to preserving, protecting, and defending conservative principles and promoting a conservative agenda. In the past, the conservative movement came strongly together during election cycles but weakened its presence during off-cycles.  Freedom’s Watch is a long-term movement that will be a force for conservative action far beyond Election Day. Freedom’s Watch is dedicated to helping build a stronger, more unified conservative movement for generations to come.

CORE ISSUE AREAS: We will have four fundamental issue areas that are generational in breadth and scope.

  • The dangers of radical Islam and the emerging Iranian threat
  • Advancing a conservative agenda and market-based solutions to pressing domestic problems
  • Standing up to Big Labor’s radical agenda
  • Preventing the degeneration of our society by stopping the legalization of controlled substances.

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