27. Don’t be fooled by the Kennedy Amnesty Bill which would permit either front door or rear door “Amnesty” to legally protect a Majority of these 15-20 Million to either stay ( most ) or leave and be given assurance that they WILL come back soon legally and the US Government will  help them to come back ( either hidden in expanded VISAs or so called work programs to Citizenship programs ). This is the same kind of game as the failed 1986 “Amnesty” program. Bottom line, it provides for almost all of them  to stay in the USA one way or another. It also gives them the ultimate reward of back door “Amnesty” to Citizenship, even though they broke many serious US laws !! SAY NO TO THE KENNEDY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT AMNESTY CITIZENSHIP BILL ! Under the Kennedy Amnesty Bill, only a VERY SMALL fraction of the 15-20 Million would actually be told to leave. Also, the Majority will either STAY or get LEGAL help  to come back. They will then be FREE to bring in MILLIONS and MILLIONS of their relatives into the country within a few years after these illegal immigrants get their citizenship. ALSO, when you look at the Kennedy Amnesty  Bill, BE CAREFUL for the INCREASED VISA numbers, WELL above the current numbers of  VISAs. As you know, VISA fraud equals 1/3 of ALL the illegal immigrants in the country. These increased levels will only provide for MORE loop holes through our border !! The KENNEDY AMNESTY BILL will be LOADED with loopholes from vague or easily forged documents to say they have lived in the US longer then they have, to sanctuary laws to highly elevated VISAs, to minimal enforcement /punishment to those caught here illegally, all in order to make this 
“Amnesty Bill” weak, just like the one in 1986.