bfblogo3-blogs-for-borders.pngThank you for taking your time to join the ranks of Millions of American Citizens across the United States Of America who are simply fed up with the severe problems directly related to MILLIONS of Illegal Immigrants who cross our border or hide after their VISA’s expire. These illegal aliens cost EVERY American Citizen in our great nation. Current figures say approx 70+ BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR (and rising) in tax paid benefits that could be used to feed OUR poor citizens, could be used to pay for OUR elderly citizens, to treat OUR citizens who cant afford medical care, to Support OUR Social Security that is on the brink of failure, to house and care for our OUR indigent citizens in need. But instead, this money paid for by US Citizens, is being used to benefit illegal aliens who knowingly entered illegally. In addition to the severe economic hardship caused by these illegal border crossers, there is the disproportional high amount of crime directly related to these “citizens from other countries ” ( Mainly Mexico by far ) that have knowingly and illegally crossed our borders. These same illegal aliens now “demand” that OUR CONGRESS REWARD these illegal aliens with “Amnesty” for breaking serious US laws. Learn more below and find out how you can make America better for your families and children’s future.