Sexual perverts are doing a great injustice to our young children. Its getting to a point where innocents are in jeopardy when they are alone and unprotected. parents are concerned that their children will become sexually involved before their time. Government, and news media are constantly reminding us of our children being molested.   most molesters are close relatives or friends. Children who have not thoughts of sexual involvement are given condoms and birth control pills. Information about birth control is given to children as young  as eleven. This info may keep a few safe but it will take a toll on thousands. Most kids at eleven or twelve don’t think about having sex. That was until the news spread that it was OK. parents are weakening they are saying” it is better to be safe than sorry.” Some schools give kids condoms and birth control pills without the parents permission If a problem arises from taking the pill the parent will never know because doctors are not allowed to tell parents because of the “confidential ruling.” Parents are losing the right to raise their own kids. All the deterrance that helped kids live a good and moral life are being taken away. Little emphasis is put on the horrors of VD, syphillis , A.I.D.S. and genital herpes These life threatening facts are pushed aside to promote safe sex. The TV and would make you think having VD was like having a cold. Parents cannot depend on anyone but them selfs to explain all the aspects of having sex, The beauty and the horrors of sex.