There is a new bill in Massachusetts that the legislature will start debating tomorrow, a bill that would make it a crime to spank your children.

Parents who spank their kids – even in their own homes – would be slapped by the long arm of the law under an Arlington nurse’s proposal to make Massachusetts the first state in the nation to outlaw corporal punishment.

If signed into law, parents would be prohibited from forcefully laying a hand on any child under age 18 unless it was to wrest them from danger, lest they be charged with abuse or neglect.

 This is just the latest example of the government diminishing the role of the parent and trying to infiltrate every last aspect of a parent’s rights. Who does the government think they are that they can tell somebody HOW to raise their children? We are talking about a slap on the ass or two here, that never trully hurt a child and it teaches them pretty quickly right from wrong. It doesn’t mentally destroy them for life. We are not talking about child abuse here, we are not talking about beating a child. Just a slap on the ass. By the way, if it happens in the home, how does the government regulate that? Is it just the parent’s word against the child’s?

 The Democrat who is introducing this bill refuses to say whether he supports slapping or not. He released a statement through his spokesman.

“He does recognize and understand the concern many would have on legislating parental rights,” said Sean Fitzgerald, Kaufman’s chief of staff, “but the problem is the boundary is often overstepped. The right to hit should never be the right to hurt.”

 He understands he may be trampling on parent’s rights, he just doesn’t give a damn. Some residents  in the state are not too happy with this legislation.

 I believe discipline starts at home. Are they going to start legislating that you can’t raise your voice to your kids? That you can’t tell them when to go to bed? We’ll be communists then.”

 BINGO. That is what is at stake here, letting the government regulate more and more aspects of a person’s life, from what they can eat, where they can smoke, and now, how they can raise their children. This is another example of the liberal defeatocrats in this state,  What a disgrace.



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