bfblogo3-blogs-for-borders.pngLets not forget about “Comprehensive immigration reform”.  I have in the past, and will continue to say my piece on immigration so now I would like to lay out what I believe it should be.  Many of you will be surprised to find out that CIR has little to do with the border.  Let me explain, and then you too will understand.  You see, focusing on the border only addresses the fact that they want to cross it.  As Americans, it is in our interest to make Mexico a place where Mexicans want to stay.  Believe it or not, this is a big deal to our national security, both now, and in the future.  Our need for immigration is also a problem.  Where are we going to get people to fill jobs and keep up with our growth if they are not coming in from Mexico?  Finally, a barrier which allows us to defend ourselves from people illegally entering our country is absolutely necessary.  Now let it be clear that the order these things are listed has nothing to do with how I believe they should be implemented.  If it were up to me, they would all begin immediately.

Currently, Mexicans are crossing the border illegally to find work.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, China’s economy is booming.  Much of the trade we are sending to other countries could be sent to Central and South America.  Transporting the products to the U.S. would be substantially less expensive.  Creating an economic boom in Central and South America would almost immediately end our immigration problem.  Most illegal immigrants from the south do not want to be U.S. citizens or Americans.  They would prefer to remain Mexican and work here.  Those who do want to be U.S. citizens would find it easier to do so with the reduction of immigrants.  Then we could focus on getting those into the country who want to be here legally.  Finally, taking trade from China and giving it to Central and South America would only help secure our future. 

China is using our money to amass a military capable of pre-emptive attacks against whomever they see fit.  This is frightening.  Pulling trade from China and bringing it to our hemisphere will crush China.  You are blind if you are not aware of the” bear in the woods.”  China is a communist country and Ronald Reagan proved to us all that appeasement is not the cure for communism.  Carter showed us that appeasement only provokes our natural enemies.  Why do we not give our money to our neighbors, and not our enemies? 

The most obvious part to the solution is the border itself.  Do we even need to discuss the border, build a wall, defend it, and keep the bad guys out?  Seriously, anyone who debates whether putting up a wall will help us, does not have our interests in mind. 

“Comprehensive immigration reform” is the only way to solve this problem.  First we have to remember the comprehensive part.  That is the key.  A wall alone will not solve the problem.  The trade system we are so accustomed to using has to change.  By the way, Mexican trucks in the U.S. do not work, but that is another issue.  The Chinese scare me, and if they don’t scare you, you need to open your eyes.  Our friends to the south not only need our trade, but deserve it too, and doing so will only improve our situation. I is time to bring the jobs back to this country.


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