What’s in it for the US?
We only have to ask ourselves why the United States needs a “Law of the Sea Treaty”? The answer of course is we don’t. Instead of forming a new U.N. division, and funding it with our tax dollars, we should be leaving the U.N. It’s become so corrupt, it’s no longer salvagable as a credible organization.Also, it’s bad enough that some of the liberals on the Supreme Court think that international law should apply to the U.S. This treaty would only further the globalism being pushed by Bush and others that have been selling-out the country. Our soverighty is our identity. Many have given their lives for it. Much of the rest of the world (especially Europe) have sacrificed theirs in the name of multi-culturalism. We must continue to fight, even if it’s our own leaders, to keep ours. Not only is the UN corrupt, they are control-ed by the communist party.