default_user_image-unity08.gifOur culture is  teaching  the rights of every person  Being correct or wrong  makes no differance.No matter how extreme a statement or belief, it must be heard. The first amendment gives them  the right. The redicial thinker will always have the backing of some group of extremist. It could be rosie Odonnell or the KKK or any extreme organization. There are to many people who think they have the right answers for others They are developing a feeling of power and that can divide and destroy our society

This is the worst type of anarchy, where people  are all going in different directions. The unity and united direction of togetherness is being distroyed. Divide and conquer is becoming our biggest problem People can disagree and go thier own way, have their own beliefs, but they must unite in defending the country in time of war. People groups and organizations are defying the laws of the land. This breakdown in law is affecting the strength of of our nation. combine this with the oppositional ideas of the democrats and republicans and we have a serious condition. All our kids see is in the news is people getting away with murder,rape and fraud gives little for our kids to belive in. Freedom to express has been turned to  into freedom to harass and disrespect the people we dislike.

  If we could have the unity, the commitment and involvement toward government and world affairs  that we have for the” redsox” we would be winners too.