slozito-128redsox-logo.jpgmonaghan21-48-redsox.jpgThe Sox will issue an official announcement at some point today, but Theo said it was ok to post here so I am. We agreed to a 1 year contract late last night. Today was the MRI, which I passed.

Still trying to soak it all in.

The deal looks like this.

$8 million in guaranteed base salary

$2 million in bonuses for 6 seperate weigh ins.

I inserted the weigh in clause in the 2nd round of offers, counter offers. Given the mistakes I made last winter and into Spring Training I needed to show them I recognized that, and understood the importance of it. Being overweight and out of shape are two different things. I also was completely broad sided by the fact that your body doesn’t act/react the same way as you get older. Even after being told that for the first 39 years of my life. Now I can’t get on Dougie anymore, which sucks, and I am sure the clause will add 15-100 more jokes to Tito’s Schilling joke book.

$3 million in IP incentives based on IP totals.

$1 million for receiving a Cy Young vote, any vote.

Some miscellaneous things were agreed upon as addendums as well.

Any discussions about this will focus on many points, that will miss the point. Did I ‘leave’ money on the table, yes. Could I have gotten another year? I think so. In talking with my advisor Ed Hayes, assessing the market place and current free agent crop as well as existing contracts. Looking at the teams that called, my best guess would be around 14-15 million for a 1 year deal with the potential to get 25-30 for a two year deal. Shonda and I were very clear on this from the outset, we wanted no more than a year. We wanted to stay here. So while there will be points of debate, they’ll all miss the point. We got EXACTLY what we wanted, and then some. This is where we want our career to come to a close. This city, this team. This is where we want to retire, raise our kids, and walk away. We got it, all of it, and more. Did I get too little? Hell I would argue that one of the top 3 pitchers of all time just signed a 10 million dollar deal. Scott Boras could argue that one of his clients is certainly worth more than Maddux, I can’t. Actually he would be arguing that one of his clients is worth more than another of his clients right?

Bottom line is Mr Henry, Mr Werner, Mr Lucchino, Theo, Tito and John wanted me to come back, and I wanted to be back. So it’s all good. Saying it’s not ‘about the money” is a lie too. Both sides have a price, at some number I was not a viable option for the Red Sox, and at another number the Sox might have become a non-contender to us, but we both wanted this to happen and it did. Contrary to what some ‘insiders’ think they know, they don’t. Theo and I have an enormously respectful and friendly relationship and the same can be said for all three owners. As far as Tito goes, well I have too much dirt on him to ever worry about him selling out on me…..

I’d also like to say thank you to Ed Wade, Drayton McLane, Josh Byrnes, Bill Giles and the other GMs and owners I spoke with. The fans of St Louis were incredibly graceful and respectful in wanting me to come there. I didn’t get to truly experience the recruiting process of becoming a full fledged free agent, but I think that was for the better. It was also nice to talk with Ed again and know that we both harbor zero ill will about anything said or done over the last decade. The phans in Philly at the ALS tournament yesterday were also very respectful and considerate and it was nice to see that passion on display again. While I think many of those options would have provided a fun and exciting final season, in our heart of hearts Shonda and I knew that to go anywhere else would be leaving home, and I couldn’t bring myself to make that happen.

Theo and I spoke early in the week about wanting to complete this before the exclusive period ended, and the GM meetings began, because we both thought there could be a scenario popping up that might make this less desirable. He has to run this team, and I needed to do what was best and right for my family. Allowing external influences to change our opinions of each other might have been an unavoidable strain neither side wanted.

I’ve already heard from Josh and Wake, and am excited to know that my last year in the game will be with a team that has another legitimate chance to win the World Series. Also, the thought of being able to be teammates with this incredible group, for a final run is pretty damn cool.

For any media that’s looking for comments, I will be attending this event in Springfield