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Update! I wanted to add something at the top here in case he’s reading. Sgt. Michael Grimm of the 5th Ranger Training Battalion sent me a Rangers Lead the Way hat, and T-shirt along with an awesome letter. Thank you Sgt. Grimm and every other man and woman serving in the Armed Forces of the United States and every other freedom seeking country on this planet. You make this world a better place! Hello as well to SOSH’er Baghdad Jamie and his wife Kristine! Hope you got a chance to see the post game shout out! 

So the first day of Free Agency begins. I cannot divulge names because the teams involved asked that I not do so at this point, but the first day resulted in initial contact with 3 teams. Kind of weird to be doing this with no agent but at the same time pretty cool. All three discussions were very informal, with the clubs expressing interest in potentially working together next year. Two of the teams were on the list of teams mentioned earlier, one was not.

I made it clear to all three teams that my intent was to do whatever I could to resolve this and remain in Boston for the final year of my career. The only question asked beyond the initial conversations were to my desires about the contract, and whether or not I truly wanted a one year deal or was looking for more.

That has not changed, we are still only looking to sign a one year contract and I can’t envision a scenario where that would change.