The Red Sox and Patriots have been consistently good over the last several years, and both have gotten better. While every individual who considers them self anything of a baseball fan knows the Red Sox signed Dice-K this offseason, many people do not realize that the Sox, who are also loaded with veteran talent, have the top THREE candidates for the A.L. Rookie of the Year in Matsuzaka, head-snapping reliever Hideki Okajima and undersized but hard-swinging second baseman Dustin Pedroia. The overwhelming amount of talent playing the in the Old Green Church of Baseball on Lansdowne Street, both young and old, has the Fenway Faithful as well as the majority of the baseball world thinking World Series.

dice-k.jpg pedroia.jpgokajima.jpg
While any of these guys could take home ROTY hardware, Daisuke is poised to win at least 16 games this year and should be the favorite.

The Patriots, runners up in the AFC last year, landed two HUGE free agents as well as several other key parts. The giants in question are Randy Moss and Adalius Thomas. Moss’s reputation precedes him- bastion of nearly unrivaled talent but a questionable work ethic and a penchant for running over crossing guards and throwing pots of boiling water on his significant other. Seeing as the dude in the sleeveless hoodie tends to be a good evaluator of talent, Moss will at least come close to 2004 form where he dominated the league. Thomas on the other hand isn’t as famous, yet he is the perfect acquisition for the Patriots defense. He is one of the most versatile defenders in the league along with Julian Peterson and Jason Taylor and is a perfect fit for the Patriots’ complex defensive schemes. Not satisfied with their two superstars, the Pats also grabbed speed burner Donte Stallworth, who is a true threat when healthy, and the perfect #3 compliment in Wes Welker. Couple that receiving trio with emerging tight end Ben Watson, break out stud running back Laurence Maroney and the Sexiest Man alive, and the Patriots are the clear favorite in the NFL.

Patriots fans should be as excited as Tom Brady at a supermodel/actress only fertile uterus convention considering all the weapons this well dressed individual will have this season.

As the Red Sox and Pats success is almost to be expected, it’s the Celtics who will turn the most heads this upcoming season. Several trades have left the Celtics with a core nucleus of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Sure, those three and nine bums picked from the Boston Common would be good enough for at least 5th place in the Leastern Conference, the Celtics also have Rajon Rondo, a lightning fast yet turnover prone point guard who could develop into a borderline AllStar (okay, that’s pushing it), and a frontline that includes Big Baby Davis and Scott Pollard. On second thought, Scott Pollard sucks and Davis is fat. I’m sticking with the argument that Allen, Pierce and KG are about enough to get you to the NBA Finals out of the East

You’re telling me these three alone can’t contend for the East? C’mon.

Is it unrealistic to expect 3 rings? Yes. Very. The chances of the Celtics beating the Suns/any of the Texas teams is pretty damn small. But 2? With the Sox deep rotation and what is looking like the best Patriots team on paper, EVER, it could be 2004 all over again.

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