Dear Members of the Community,This week, our nation marked the sixth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Each of us, in some way, was affected by the events of that day.  Perhaps your work-up schedule was accelerated to deploy to the Afghani theatre.  Maybe the fireman at the end of your street was a first responder at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, or in the field in Pennsylvania. Too many of us knew people who lost loved ones in the attack.  A few of us even lost friends and family members of our own.

September 11, 2001 was a day of great sacrifice for Americans.  No group has better understood that, nor has acted in such a manner as to make that sacrifice a more meaningful page in our nation’s history, than the United States Navy SEALs

The SEALs have taken the fight to the enemy with extraordinary result.  But their success has not been without cost.  More SEALs have made the ultimate sacrifice in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom than in any other conflict since Vietnam. 

Please join me in honoring the memories of Naval Special Warfare’s fallen heroes in the Global War on Terror.

Neil C. Roberts Afghanistan 5 March 2002
Matthew J. Bourgeois Afghanistan 27 March 2002
Thomas E. Retzer Afghanistan 26 June 2003
David M. Tapper Afghanistan 20 August 2003
Brian J. Oullette Afghanistan 29 May 2004
Matthew G. Axelson Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Danny P. Dietz Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Michael P. Murphy Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Jacques J. Fontan Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Daniel R. Healy Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Erik S. Kristensen Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Jeffrey A. Lucas Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Michael M. McGreevy, Jr. Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Shane E. Patton Afghanistan 28 June 2005
James Suh Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Jeffrey S. Taylor Afghanistan 28 June 2005
Marc A. Lee Iraq 2 August 2006
Michael A. Monsoor Iraq 29 September 2006
Joseph C. Schwedler Iraq 6 April 2007

Keep their families in your thoughts.  And let their examples of selflessness and sacrifice be an inspiration in your own lives.

Kind regards,

Mark Divine
Founder and CEO
BUD/S 170


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