• P L E A S E …. this country is really taking innocent comments, and stretching them way out of proportion.
    I NEVER would have taken any offense to that statement. In the old days.. we’d have g
  • You have to be kidding…that is a story? I think Finneran is a loser but people need to grow up. People take what everyone says too seriously. If that is the case Wendy Murphy should appologize for saying people should be slapped. I guess it is ok for one group
  • iven a “NOOGIE” for something odd that someone may have said. It’s all in joking around.When did this happen. First.. we can’t celebrate CHRISTMAS anymore.. it’s now Winter Holiday.
    Then we can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance.. it may offend someone.
    Then we can’t PRAY TO GOD in public.. where up until this time.. no one even thought 2ce about it. What about the atheletes who make the sign of the cross before they perform. Will that be “offensive” next ??
    And.. I LOVE how we are in AMERICA where the native language is ENGLISH !!! We now go to restaurants, receive bills, and read notices for user manuals in not only ENGLISH our native language but it’s in SPANISH, CHINESE, JAPANESE, etc…It appears to me that people are looking for an opportunity to make a big deal out of nothing.

    I will continue to Say “Merry Christmas or Happy Chunaka”
    I will continue to speak in ENGLISH as my primary language
    I will continue to Belive in God and Prayer
    I will continue to Say the Pledge of Allegiance
    and I will also have an opinion on a topic. If I agree that’s great, if I disagree.. I have a right to have my opinion too where I don’ have to agree to be “morally correct, or to be part of the crowd…. I will NOT go to a discrimination board and make a big todo about it..

    Some people would complain about a FREE LUNCH… while others would consider it a nice surprise !!!

    You can’t please everyone all the time…

  • mickmck707
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